Why choose Cspeice series of precision filters?

  • The Cspeice series of precision filters allow compressed air to create a perfect swirl between the filter and the outer chamber, allowing airborne impurities and filter paper to be tightly coupled for air filtration.
  • The larger outer diameter of the filter core allows the filtered air to pass through the filter core smoothly and reduce the pressure drop.
特性 (在環境溫度21°C下)
Characteristics (at ambient temperature 21 ° C)
Primary filtration
Secondary filtration
Degreasing filter
Activated carbon
級別 (Level)XQXPXSXC
過濾精度 (Micron)310.010.01
最大除油精度 (mg/m3)
最高作業溫度 ( °C)80808050
起始壓降 (mbar)408010080


Nano anti-rust coating

  • All sizes of Cspeice precision filter housings have an anti-rust coating on the inner and outer layers to prevent rust from affecting the air quality.

Ultra high efficiency and ultra long-lasting filter

  • Singapore imported
  • Use internationally renowned brand of filter paper for optimum filtration efficiency
  • Precision calculation, high efficiency filtration low pressure drop
  • Filter life up to 12 months
  • Stainless steel cyclone punching net
  • The inner layer of the Cespeice series has a pore size of 8-10 um and the outermost layer has a pore size of 40-80 um. This distribution allows the best filtration quality and minimum pressure drop for compressed air.


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