HB series- Combination Dryer

Adsorption process

The hot air of the air compressor is removed from the precooler in the aluminum module heat exchanger 1 to the evaporator. After removing water, it enters the 0.1u (15) and 0.01u filter (16) to remove the oil. Then enter the activated carbon tower tank (22) and then enter the automatic switching tower (21).
Then go to the B tower (20) and then enter the three-way check valve (17) and return to the aluminum module heat exchanger (1) to recover the heat of the inlet air to the site.

Regeneration process

A part (about 2%) of the outlet air enters the plate type cold heat exchanger (11) and then absorbs the heat of the compressor into the heater (18), and then enters the A tower to regenerate and then enters (18) after the automatic switching valve muffler exhausts A tower repeats the above action
Conversion process
That is, the twin towers alternately cycle to achieve dry clean compressed air (4).